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Uganda is one of the most beautiful safari destinations on earth, often described as the Pearl of Africa.  With lush green vegetation, breathtaking landscapes and amazing array of plant and animal species, this rich country is split by numerous waterways, the great river Nile is the biggest and was once the main attractions of explorers who toiled into the heart of Africa to find its source.


The Pearl of Africa lies between the two arms of the Great East African Rift Valley with Lake Albert and Edward extending for 150km and 80km respectively along the Albertine Rift Valley. It is within this Albertine Rift Valley that the great Biodiversity for which this gifted country is well known can be found.


Uganda boasts of 10 National Parks, 12 Wildlife reserves and 14 wildlife sanctuaries. These contain a wide diversity of attractions like various wildlife e.g. gorillas, primate forests and water falls to chose from. Uganda also hosts half of the total remaining population of the giant mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga forest where gold meets silver. However, chimpanzee trekking is another popular activity in Uganda with a visit to “The primates capital of the World” Kibale Forest National Park, a park with 70% of the World’s primates species.


English is broadly used and it’s regarded as the official language, used in courts of law, taught in grade schools and by most media networks. Luganda and Swahili are also widely used along other many languages due to the different cultures in the country.


Uganda provides travelers with the best memories that they will treasure for a life time.

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