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Rwanda is a small mountainous country in central Africa and is bordered to the north by Uganda, to the east by Tanzania, to the south by Burundi and to the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The country is divided by great peaks of up to 3000m (9842ft), which run across from north to south. Rwanda has good climate, vegetation, and it is no wonder that Rwanda is commonly referred to as ‘The Land of a Thousand Hills’.


Rwanda has rich and beautiful attractions. Among these are the Akagera and Nyungwe National parks, forests, various flora and fauna, and the famous Silverback Mountain Gorillas found in the Parc Nationale des Volcans or the Volcano National Park.


The country has three official languages, namely Kinyarwanda (vernacular), French and English. Most Rwandese are multi-lingual or at least bi-lingual. Swahili and other dialects from the region are also spoken, especially in major commercial centres.

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