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Whether Lubiri Palace or Mengo, Kabaka’s Palace is home to the former Kabaka, king of Buganda Kindom. It is Located in Kampala at the heart of Uganda. The kingdom comprises of both the supernatural or spiritual and the material kings. The spiritual kind is represented by the Royal Drums, regalia referred to as ‘Mujaguzo’ which like any other king, has his own palace, officials, servants and palace guards. The Royal Drums serve very critical roles in the kingdom which includes the pre-coronation rite of passage for the prince, informing the kingdom subjects of a royal birth of a prince or a princess, sounding an alarm upon the death of a material king and much more. However, it is believed that kings get lost in the forest rather than passing away.


In 1962, the kingdom suffered a great setback when Uganda attained its independence from Britain. This was not long enough before another storm took the kingdom; Milton Obote, leading the Uganda People’s Congress abolished all forms of kingship in the East African Country. In 1966, things started to go south when another crisis erupted. Obote’s army attacked the King’s Royal Palace with intentions to arrest and kill him, but luckily, Kabaka was able to escape the trap with the aid of his several loyal supporters and fled into exile. This brought an end to monarchism in Uganda for decades.


In 1993, things started to turn around after a successful coup which saw the incumbent President, Yoweri Museveni ascend to power after overthrowing Milton Obote’s regime. This saw the return of traditional kingships including the King of Buganda.

Namugongo Martyrs Shrine

If there is any place in Africa that is so famed for its bloodbath of young Christian and Muslim converts who suffered so much in the hands of authorities 1880s, has to be Namugongo. The place gained its international recognition when the Catholic Church in the Vatican declared the courageous departed souls as martyrs. Different visitors from all walks of life flock in Uganda to make their way to the pilgrimage site.

Kasumbi Tombs

The place serves as a burial site for the Kabakas and other members of the Baganda Royal family. In 2001, the site was identified as one of the most remarkable buildings constructed using pure vegetal materials in the entire region of sub-Saharan Africa. This led to its declaration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Up to date, the site does not only remain as an important spiritual and political site for the Baganda people but also serves a vital example of traditional architecture.

Kabaka’s Manmade Lake

This is the greatest manmade lake in Africa. It was established between 1884 and 1888 under the kingship of Kabaka Mwanga and runs about 200 feet deep. His initial plan was to have the lake link his Lubiri Palace to Lake Victoria. To ensure its completion, the king took part in the digging process, setting a good example for his subjects.



Idi Amin’s Torture Chamber

The chamber was built by Idi Amin Dada of Uganda during the reign of Milton Obote. It is located on Mengo hill, which is a mile up further from the Buganda’s parliament. The place has been vacated due to the dark events which took place there. It was used by Amin to torture to death anyone he thought was stronger, smarter or ugly. An estimated 300 people lost their lives in the chamber.