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Data Privacy Policy

Personal Data Privacy Policy


Private Safaris East Africa (DMC) is committed to respecting the privacy of its visitors earned either online or offline. Websites, social media and third-party online software such as MailChimp are some of the online platforms. The following privacy policy statements describe how we collect, protect, use and share personal information about our visitors.

Private Safaris East Africa (DMC) collects information through the following channels.

  • Website – This involves collecting data using website sign up sections such as Contact Expert Forms, Booking Forms, Contact Us, Newsletter Sign Up Forms, Careers section etc.


  • Direct – This involves direct communication with our visitors through emails, media prints such as safari reviews in which our visitors fill in their contact details among other things.


  • Social media – By conducting our social media campaigns/adverts, visitors voluntarily provide contact details to our online experts to get assistance on how to book for a particular service they like.

The data we collect is used purposely to give insightful updates on improved products and services to our visitors through adverts such as promotional flyers, e-newsletters, e-brochures etc.

Whether you subscribe to book a holiday, make an enquiry, receive our product updates through brochures or e-shots, first name, last name, a valid email address among others,  are very important. For online bookers, these credentials are very crucial for obtaining services such as flights and accommodation on hotels.

Private Safaris East Africa (DMC) will only disclose personal and booking details to its suppliers for holiday/ safari booking arrangements and will not disclose this information in any other way unless we are required by law to do so.

All the information entered through our website is fully protected by a secure server. This is done by encrypting (through secure socket layer) all the information entered before reaching our servers. Upon reaching the servers, the data is decrypted into a readable format. There is also a security software (firewall) in place to protect our internal data from external attacks.

If you feel that you can no longer continue to receive our product updates, kindly click the unsubscribe link in the footer of our email to completely unsubscribe from our list or send your reference, full address and email to For contact, correction or update, send your reference, full address and email to