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Explore Serengeti National Park

The Serengeti ecosystem is a geographical region in Africa. It is located mainly in northern Tanzania and extends into south-western Kenya between 1 and 3 degrees south (latitudes) and between 34 and 36 degrees east (longitudes). It spans approximately 30,000 km2 (12,000 sq mi). The Kenyan part of the Serengeti is known as Maasai Mara.


The Serengeti hosts the largest terrestrial mammal migration in the world, which helps secure it as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, one of the ten natural travel wonders of the world. The Serengeti is also renowned for its large lion population and is one of the best places to observe prides in their natural environment. The region contains the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania and several game reserves.


Approximately 70 large mammal and 500 bird species are found in Serengeti. This high diversity is a function of diverse habitats, including riverine forests, swamps, kopjes, grasslands, and woodlands.  Blue wildebeests, gazelles, zebras, and buffalos are some of the commonly found large mammals in the region. There has been controversy about a proposed road to be built through the Serengeti. Serengeti is derived from the Maasai language, Maa; specifically, “Serengit” meaning “Endless Plains”.

Witness the Greatest Wildebeest Migration

This is considered as the world’s largest wildlife migration hence the name, ‘the seventh wonder of the world’,  which involves more than a million wildebeest, zebras, gazelles and a variety of other animals migrating across the Serengeti annually in search of water, green pasture and breeding grounds.

Wings Over Serengeti – Balloon Safari

There is nothing in the world so uplifting than having a bird’s view atop of the vast Serengeti plains sampling groups of grazing wildebeests, zebras, browsing elephants, rhinoceros and giraffes not forgetting the wadding hippos and the various birds of the air. This is an opportunity not to be missed by any safari,  holiday, vacation traveller in Africa. It’s a MUST!

The Moru Kopjes

While in Serengeti, never miss an opportunity to visit the Moru Kopjes. The famous rocks look like Miniature Mountains in an ocean of grass.  Bushes, trees, and vines rise out of these jaw-dropping, seasoned, and herculean rock formations which provide small pools of water, shade, and a necessary vantage point for hunters like cheetahs, lions, and leopards. The Moru kopjes are the most popular and most often visited Kopjes, some kopjes are adorned with paintings created by cattle herding Maasai. The place is a favorite for the black rhino making it the best spot in Serengeti National Park to see them.

Oldupai Gorge

One of a kind and is believed to be a paramount paleoanthropological location where human fossils and ancient tools dating back millions of years were discovered by famous anthropologist Louis Leakey in late 1920s. This discovery is said to have been invaluable in expanding our understanding of Human evolution. The extensive gorge was excavated thoroughly and more than 60 fossil remains of human ancestors were brought to light. It is located in the Great Rift Valley, a plummeting ravine spanning nearly 50 kilometers in length and just over 40 kilometers from another significant archaeological point named Laetoli where volcanic ash has preserved ancient human footprints. Just a few kilometers south of the park’s border, Olduvai Gorge is a handy place for every African dream traveller.

Serengeti Visitor Center

The Serengeti Visitor Centre is worth a stop for its self-guided walking path that provides informative signs and exhibits about the history of the Serengeti, its ecosystem, and its wildlife. You are likely to even spot some wildlife along the path, including rock hyraxes birds, and brightly colored agama lizards. It’s a great place to stretch your feet and expend a little energy. You can also stop here for lunch breaks as the center has an outdoor picnic area, restrooms, a snack and coffee shop, and a gift shop. The center is open daily from 8:00-17:00hrs.

Saronera River Valley

This Seronera River Valley occupies a significant portion of the central Serengeti region. This is the Serengeti at its natural best. The entire valley is brimming with flora and fauna that is unique to the region. In fact, you can spend your entire trip in the Seronera Valley and not run out of things to explore- there are wildebeest, elephants, zebras, gazelles, and more. Better yet, the abundance of prey draws all kinds of predators- including lions, hyenas, cheetahs and leopards.

Serengeti Serena Lodge

Each charmingly presented room at Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge in Tanzania is accommodated in a two-storey (one up, one down) stone-built, traditionally thatched ‘Rondavel’. Looking out over the plains, each has its own private balcony, private entrance, spacious bedroom, natural stone bathroom and intricately carved furniture.

Serengeti Sopa Lodge

69 standard rooms, all with 2 queen size beds, carpeted, and tastefully furnished with local fabrics and pictures. One entering the room is a lounge with a mini bar. In the front is a verandah with 2 comfortable chairs and coffee table, with glass windows facing the vast Serengeti plains which extend as far as the naked eye can see.

Ikoma Bush Camp

Set in the midst of an incredible scenery of savannah and skies, you find Ikoma Tented Camp, sheltered in a grove of acacia trees. Ikoma has 35 traditional Meru tents, each under thatch with a private veranda overlooking the impressive plains of the Serengeti.

Serengeti Migration Camp

Hidden among the rocky outcrops Serengeti Migration Camp is located at the starting point of the Migration. Comprising of 20 luxurious elevated tents, each with spacious and richly furnished bedrooms, Serengeti Migration Camp blends seamlessly into the environment.

Ronjo Camp

This mobile camp is located in the heart of the Serengeti national park. The 16 tents offer all the comfort to enjoy a late afternoon in harmony with nature (integrated bathroom: shower, sink, toilet – running water).

Hot water and electricity (24h /7) are 100% solar. Friendly atmosphere with dinner served under a large tent. Late evening at the bar (very cozy), under the lighting of oil lamps around a campfire, or in the calm of your tent, which you join accompanied by a Maasai warrior

Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge

All the 20 guest rooms including the family suites feature hardwood beds with mosquito netting, bedside tables, sofa seats with a coffee table, a writing desk with chair, wardrobe, dressing table, hair dryer, safe deposit box, a mini fridge, ceiling fan, mosquito spray and wipes, luggage rack, and a private balcony with chairs and a coffee table. All the tents are provided with 24 hours electricity and free WiFi access

Elewana Migration Camp

Migration Camp Tents are designed with the guest’s comfort in mind. Each tent has an en suite shower room with flushing toilet, shower and twin vanity basin, the latter of which receives hot (solar generated) and cold running water 24-hours a day.Migration Camp tented rooms include luxuriant soft furnishings, a writing desk and stationery set and a room fan. The tents have a wooden floor, fixed bathroom walls, fixed wooden doors but all combine with the all-enveloping canvas. Facilities within your tented room include: en-suite shower, flushing toilet, bathrobes and slippers, in-room electronic safe, internal telephone system, and WiFi available in main lounge area

Kati Kati Tented Camp

Kati Kati’s 11 spacious tents come with a private en-suite bathroom which includes a camp shower, wash basin and toilet. All of the tents have large beds (double or two singles). The electricity is provided by solar panels.