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New Wildlife Policy – A Boost to Conservation, Says CS Balala

New Wildlife Policy a Boost to Conservation, Cs Balala

According to CS Balala, the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism has formulated a new policy to enhance wildlife conservation, security and address the perennial human-wildlife conflict.  The policy once is in place will help achieve the following;

  • First and foremost, focus on increasing access to incentives and sustainable use of wildlife resources while ensuring equitable sharing of benefits.


  • Secondly, promote partnerships and incentives for wildlife-based enterprises and ensure proper management of viable wildlife populations and their habitats.


  • Lastly but not the least, facilitate collaboration for effective governance and financing of the wildlife sector between communities, private conservancies, counties, national government and international partners.


Having attributed the increased human-wildlife conflict to climate change and increased human activities in areas originally reserved for wildlife; exacerbation of insecurity in Kenya wildlife areas to the state of insecurity in the neighbouring countries due to the proliferation of small arms, he said efforts were underway to erect fences in areas experiencing human-wildlife conflict and also as a way of curbing livestock grazing in protected areas with Meru and Tsavo West National Parks being given a top priority.

New Wildlife Policy a Boost to Conservation, Cs Balala

Balala faulted the existing policy noting that it wasn’t robust to address emerging challenges and realities in the sector including population growth and accelerated economic development that had led to the loss of habitat for wildlife. He reiterated Kenya Wildlife Service will be given more resources to enhance its operations.

The CS spoke on Saturday, July 20, 2019, during a consultative meeting with the National Assembly Committee on Environment and Natural Resources at Kilaguni, Tsavo West National Park

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