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Is it just a campaign, an original anthem for Africa or there is more?


What’s sweeter than people celebrating talented African ‘pioneers’ who are rewriting the narrative of Africa and at the same time presenting an original song – an anthem for Africa? Well, Emirates just launched a new pan-African brand advertising campaign to do just that. The new campaign aims to not only celebrate the cultural rebirth taking over Africa but also pay tribute to a new generation of African transformers who against all odds make their mark globally through art, music, fashion and literature.


The new generation of talented African transformers which is now best placed to become cultural ambassadors for Africa to the world shares a common passion to bring their global outreach and influences to their own local journeys, as they discover what it means to be home.

Whilst the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) takes the lead in producing the series of short films for Emirates to take the message of a ‘modern Africa’ to the world, the latter uses the series to join the conversation and celebrate, inspiring stories of people constantly pushing boundaries and challenging African stereotypes while promoting the brand.

Below are some of the captivating stories about the pioneers representing today’s Africa;  

‘Blinky Bill’ Shellanga, a Nairobi-based Kenyan musician, producer and DJ, who is the key ingredient of a rebirth of African music. Abiola Oke, the CEO and publisher of OkayAfrica, which is a digital media platform dedicated to African culture, music, film and entertainment.  Abiola previously worked as Newyorker with a career on Wall Street. Shanelle Nyasiase, a 21-year-old is a South Sudanese model born in Ethiopia but bred in Kenya.


Boutros Boutros, Emirates divisional senior vice president: corporate communications, marketing and brand, agrees that while it is impossible to ignore the energy and talent coming out of Africa especially through music, art, fashion, sport or entertainment, what they  see is a greater awareness of a strong, proud coherent Africa at the same time being connected to a broad, global culture. He further adds that Emirates wanted to join the conversation and celebrate amazing, inspiring stories of people constantly pushing boundaries and challenging African stereotypes. He argues that is what travel’s about to Emirates; to find a common ground to connect, to question, to be curious, something he believes this campaign does it by taking them closer to their audience in an authentic manner.


The campaign also features an original song with energy-filled music and inspiring lyrics that reflect the beats of a current African electronic club music. Produced by Blinky Bill, the song has popular sounds and rhythms that are currently dominating the radio, blasting out of taxicabs and on the dancefloors across the continent. Well, all we can do is wish them the best of luck

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