Impactful Conservation Efforts that Need Support, KWS tells EU

Impactful Conservation Efforts that Need Support, KWS tells EU Ambassadors in Kenya

Impactful Conservation Efforts
Photo: IrlEmbKenya


On Friday 5th, April 2019, Irish chargé d’affaires, Lisa Doherty joined fellow European Union Ambassadors for a fascinating and enlightening presentation by the Kenya Wildlife Service. It is from this presentation that the diplomats came to know how Kenya has lost over 70% of its wildlife population over the last 40 years and the robust anti-poaching conservation efforts which are bearing fruits and need to be supported.


In the 2018 Joint Corporation Strategy, EU development partners in Kenya restated their commitment to support Kenya’s key infrastructural sectors which include energy, transport, water and sanitation, housing and urban development.


On the eve of 2019, it was announced that the Kenyan government and the European Union were investing in a project worth Kshs. 2.3 billion which when complete will see major tourist roads in the Mount Kenya National Park, Tsavo East and the Aberdares upgraded. The main aim of the road project is to improve access to and easing movements within the parks hence facilitating the development of high-end eco-friendly sites and facilities to win more tourists in Kenya.

In support of this course, the EU said that it hopes the improvement of roads within Kenya’s national parks will improve security in the parks, enhance the ability for KWS to patrol the national parks, monitor and protect wildlife and reduce emergency response times for mountain climbers.


Kws, however, acknowledged the fruitful efforts made so far on Conservation and asked the EU Ambassadors in Kenya to rally their support on this noble cause.

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