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6 Reasons Why You Must Visit Kenya in 2019

6 Reason You Must Visit Nairobi in 2019
Host - Jo-Ann Strauss, Ms Betty Radier, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Tourism Board
  • Nairobi – Kenya’s capital has been named Africa’s Leading Business Travel Destination as the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) scooped a top award as Africa’s Leading Meetings & Conference Destination at this year’s 26th Annual World Travel Award (WTA).
  • Nairobi is the only capital in the world with a national park where business travellers can sneak in to enjoy the diverse wildlife forms the park has to offer during the short meeting breaks.



  • Kenya’s capital is a melting pot of cultural diversity from all the 47 counties in Kenya and amazingly, the Kenyan culture is so interwoven to an extent that no one can tell the distinction between different communities because they all resemble one tribe – Kenya.



  • Wildlife adventure doesn’t stop with Nairobi National Park. In fact, holidaymakers have numerous destinations they can choose from and regardless of their choice, they still stand a chance to spot the big five.



  • Kenya is highly interconnected by a vast network of flights both locally and internationally making it easy to for business and holidaymakers to move from one continent to another. A good example is the recent launch of Kenya – USA direct flights – which means a visitor can have a business meeting in New York City and thereafter, book a direct flight to Kenya for a holiday with a family or friends.
6 Reason You Must Visit Nairobi in 2019
A trio of zebras standing alongside a dusty road inside the Nairobi National Park
  • One wonders what makes Diani Beach such a destination that is a top of every well-seasoned traveller’s wishlist. In actual fact, Diani Beach has earned international recognition not just once or twice but 6 times. They say, ‘salvation is thine, seek and ye shall find.’ Perhaps, all you need to do is come to Kenya and experience Diani Beach by yourselves and go spread the gospel to the world.

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